The QUALITY ASSURANCE OFFICE (QAO) (formerly Academic Assessment and Development Unit) was created and approved by the Board of Regents on its 1340th meeting on 03 December 2018. In line with UP’s mandate and thrusts to guarantee the same level of quality in education, research, and public service in all its constituent units, UPLB takes primary responsibility for ensuring quality in every program, operational systems, and services of the institution.

  • Quality Assurance. To conduct promotion of quality assurance standards and trainings; monitor compliance monitoring and control for QA; and develop policy recommendations related to QA.
  • Internal Assessment. Through process reviews and performance measurements as well as modification of processes, procedures, and standards by key users in line with internal assessments of quality.
  • Information Process Development. To develop information and data management services in line with indicators of QA.
  • Database Management. To provide archiving and documentation services to ensure continuity and consistency of quality assurance measures.
  • Documentation. To document processes involved in QA development and implementation for developing and replicating best practices.