College/ School Quality Assurance Officers(CQAOs)

The QA Officers from different colleges/schools of UPLB are appointed by the Chancellor for a term of 3 years.
To date, there are 11 appointed QA Officers from 9 colleges and 2 schools.
  • Carry out Self Assessment Reviews
  • Ensure that the policies and mandates of the QAO are followed

Adeliza A. Dorado, PhD
Associate Professor 2
CAFS QA Officer

RD Eusebio
Rosemarie D. Eusebio
Associate Professor 7
CAS QA Officer

RG Centeno
Edmund G. Centeno, PhD
Associate Professor 4
CDC QA Officer

MLY Castro
Marion Lux Y. Castro
Associate Professor 2
CEAT QA Officer

AC Guttierez
Arlene C. Guttierez
Assistant Professor 7
CEM QA Officer

Analyn L. Codilan, PhD
Associate Professor 4
CFNR QA Officer

LS Africa
Leila S. Africa
Professor 2
CHE QA Officer

RL Gumasing
Rhea L. Gumasing
Assistant Professor 6
CPAf QA Officer

MGV Paraso
Michelle Grace V. Paraso
Professor 10
CVM QA Officer

AL Babierra
Ariel L. Babierra, PhD
Associate Professor 3
GS QA Officer

JS Garcia
Janice S. Garcia
Assistant Professor 2
SESAM QA Officer

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