QAO Staff

QAO is currently staffed by Ms. Maria Kristelle R. Malveda, Administrative Officer I, and Ms. Emlyn A. Umali, Administrative Assistant II, who aid in the clerical and logistical needs of the operations and activities of the office. One project development associate (PDA) also assist in the operation of QAO in terms of database management, benchmarking, workshops, and promotion of QA and the office.

Their specific tasks are the following:

MKR Malveda
Maria Kristelle R. Malveda
Administrative Officer I

  1. Assist in directing and supervising administrative service functions of QAO.
  2. Monitor requisitions and vouchers, prepares communications and recommendation papers for signature of the unit head, and keep confidential files.
  3. Assist in implementing university policies, procedural directives, rules and regulations, and in the preparation of proposals (budget, etc.) and annual reports.
  4. Assist in implementing policies, rules, regulations promulgated by higher authorities on the university’s QA, and in conducting internal/external assessment of the university.
  5. Assist in developing information and data management services in line with indicators of quality assurance, provide archiving and documentation services, and document processes involved in quality assurance development and implementation.
  6. Assists in overseeing the conduct of meetings/seminars and other quality assurance activities.

EA Umali
Emlyn A. Umali
Administrative Assistant II

  1. Prepares Project Procurement Management Plan, Disbursement Voucher, Purchase Request and Closing of Cash Advance.
  2. Coordinate with supplier regarding specification of equipment and prepare Purchase Order.
  3. Prepare Property Acknowledge Receipt and Inventory Custodian Slip for the newly acquired equipment and supplies.
  4. In charge of issuance and safety keeping of equipment and conduct annual inventory.
  5. Assist in drafting and finalizing communications.
  6. Coordinate with Budget Management Office regarding with the budget assigned to QAO and prepare report on it.
  7. Assists during online meetings/seminars and other activities.

RC Recario
Reginald Neil C. Recario
Assistant Professor 7
Project Development Associate

  1. Maintain the QAO’s web page and Facebook page.
  2. Create a QAO database system for UPLB.
  3. Develop forms, spreadsheets, etc. related to the self-assessment report (SAR) needed by college QA officers and information required by the UP Quality Assurance System.
  4. Perform other duties that will be assigned to him, which are related to QAO’s efficient and smooth function.